Miracle® LUMBER LOCK is a heavy-duty subfloor adhesive stronger than the lumber it locks together, formulated for adhering plywood to wood framing. LUMBER LOCK can be used on wet, frozen, chemically pressure treated lumber or untreated lumber. LUMBER LOCK reduces wood splintering & cracking, increases the strength of structural flooring systems and eliminates standard 2-layer floor systems. Lumber Lock also exhibits all-weather versatility, absorbs vibrations, and resists impact and deflection. This product passes ASTM D3498 and AFG01.


  • Easy to gun when it’s cold
  • Won’t drool when it’s hot
  • Remains flexible to reduce squeaks & bounces
  • Bonds to wet, frozen, and treated lumber
  • Stronger than the LUMBER it LOCKS together
  • Greater Structural Floor Systems Strength
  • Resists Impact and Deflection
  • All-Weather Versatility
  • Passes ASTM D3498 and AFG01


  • 10.6 oz. Cartridge
  • 29 oz. Cartridge


  • Tan