SFA66 28oz Cartridge 2016-04-12 [3D MOCKUP]

Miracle® SFA-66 is a subfloor and construction adhesive formulated for adhering plywood to wood framing. SFA-66 can be used on wet, frozen, chemically pressure treated lumber or untreated lumber. SFA-66 reduces wood splintering & cracking, increases the strength of structural flooring systems and eliminates 80% of nail requirements. SFA-66 also exhibits superior aging and absorbs vibrations, and eliminates squeaks and bounce. This product passes ASTM D3498 and AFG01.


  • Quick Tack
  • Permanently Flexible
  • All Weather Versatility
  • Reduces Nail Pops
  • Absorbs Vibrations
  • Superior Aging Characteristics
  • Bridges Framing Irregularities
  • Resists Impact and Deflection
  • Greater Structural Floor Systems Strength
  • Reduces Squeaks and Bounce
  • Meets ASTM D3498


  • 28 oz. Cartridge


  • Tan