Foamseal® F6400LVR BIG BOND™ adhesive has been specifically formulated to meet the structural requirements of the Manufactured Housing Industry. BIG BOND™ is a solvent free, single-component, moisture-cured structural adhesive designed to bond flooring to joists, wallboard to stud framing, and to affix wallboard to header construction.


  • Ideal for Ceiling Rafter Repair
  • Approved for one-sided & two-sided shear wall construction
  • Excellent use for vertical applications, such as back paneling
  • Solvent free, no added urea formaldehyde
  • Contains no CFC or HCFC blowing agents
  • Contains a chemically bonded red colorant for ease of visibility during application and quality control
  • Only approved supplier for use with Open Joist floor/ ceiling assembly with a one hour fire test for factory built multi-family, commercial buildings and recreational vehicles
  • Tested to ASTM C557, AFG-01, ASTM D3498, ASTM D6464, ASTM E72, CA25-4


  • 11 LB. Canister


  • Red